About us

MILHUA is our brand of garments and textile accessories that stand out for being handmade and inspired by our Andean culture. We use baby alpaca fibers, natural silk, merino wool and other blends that stand out for their texture, purity and elegance.

  • Benefits of alpaca

    Alpaca fiber is considered the treasure of the Incas.
    Its fiber is light, soft, warm, resistant and its benefits are superior to those of cashmere and mohair.
    Alpaca fiber has many qualities, among them it maintains body temperature well regardless of external conditions and has a silky shine that remains despite production, dyeing or washing.

  • Digital printing

    Art and avant-garde come together in one through our digital printing designs and/or services, which constantly reinvent themselves and always stand out to make a difference.

  • Variety of products

    Our wide variety of products allows us to explore all the possibilities of our raw material and continue to present new options to Peru and the world.

Currently, we permanently have a stock of more than 15,000 garments with monthly replacements that allow us to supply distributors, boutiques and tourist stores both nationally and internationally.

We mainly target boutiques located in tourist areas as well as stores that sell garments and clothing with high added value.